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Workshop Program

Day 1

Wednesday | 18-09

13:00 Reception

14:00 Introduction and welcome

14:30 Symposium 1: Synaptic calcium

            Chairs: Giles E. Hardingham & Rodrigo Cunha

                           Grace Stutzmann (USA): Calcium signalling deficits in early Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology  

                           Ana Sebastião (Portugal): Modulation of synaptic activity and astrocytic calcium signaling by cannabinoids

                           Antonio Garcia (Spain): Altered calcium handling and exocytosis in chromaffin cells from mouse models of neurodegenerative diseases

16:30 Coffee break and poster session

18:00 Plenary Conference: Giles E. Hardingham (UK): Ca2+ signaling pathways to degeneration or resilience in neurons and astrocytes

19:00 Presentation of Junior ECS Board

19:15  Welcome cocktail 

Day 2

Thursday | 19-09

8:30 Symposium 2: Mitochondrial calcium

          Chairs: Ana Cristina Rego & Catarina Oliveira

                        Michael Duchen (UK): Linking mitochondrial dysfunction to neurodegeneration: impaired mitochondrial bioenergetic capacity sensitises neurons to calcium overload  

                        Maria Ankarcrona (Sweden): TOM70: a new player regulating Ca2+-transfer at the endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria signaling platform

                        Olga Corti (France): Mechanisms underlying regulation of mitochondrial quality by the PINK1/Parkin pathway and consequence of their dysfunction

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Oral Communications Session 1

12:30 Lunch and poster session

14:00 Symposium 3: ER calcium  

           Chairs: Cláudia Pereira & Jan B. Parys

           Jacek Kuznicki (Poland): Calcium signaling in zebrafish and mice models of neurodegeneration 

           Carlos Villalobos (Spain): Calcium remodeling in aging and Alzheimer´s disease

           Paola Pizzo (Italy): Presenilin 2 and ER Ca 2+ handling: functional consequences for neurodegeneration

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Oral Communications Session 2

18:00 Social event: Visit to University of Coimbra  

20:00 Conference dinner

Day 3

Friday | 20-09

 9:00 Symposium 4: Calcium in glia and stem cells

           Chairs: João Malva & Amanda Sierra

           Martin Lauritzen (Denmark): Calcium-dependent mechanisms of cerebral blood flow regulation  

           Catherine Leclerc (France): Calcium-dependent signaling in glioblastoma stem-like cells

10:30 Coffee break and poster session

11:30 Symposium 5: Technical approaches on calcium imaging  

           Chairs: Luísa Cortes & Carlos Villalobos

           Leopoldo Petreanu (Portugal): Shining light on hierarchical cortical interactions  

           Javier García-Sancho (Spain): GAP, flies, sarcoplasmic reticulum and aging

13:00 Final remarks  

13:15 ECS General Assembly



15:00-18:00 Hands-on on microscopy calcium imaging

@ Microscopy Imaging Center of Coimbra

University of Coimbra-polo I